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Push your content to the top of the list.
Video SEO can get you views and boost ROI.

Getting your video in the can is just the start. It needs to be seen to have value. SEO optimising your video content will help your customers find it, get more views and get more sales.

Video - Video SEO

Why you need video SEO

Getting eyes on your video is good. Getting the right eyes on your video is better. Defining your goals to match those of your business, measuring these and putting a figure on the ROI of your videos is best.

There are on-page and off-page elements to a video SEO strategy and the right mix of these will depend on your business, the nature of your content and who your audience is.

How we can help

We're a video marketing agency with a strong background in technical SEO. We know how to get content ranked and shooting up the search engine results pages. But more than that – we understand businesses and their customers. We can come up with creative strategies that will get your videos watched by the kind of people you're targeting, upping your conversion rate and bossing your ROI targets.

A video SEO strategy that works for your business

We'll work with you to understand what you want your videos to do for your business. Then we'll come up with a strategy that will deliver. This might involve optimising landing pages, working on metadata and using social media and external links to get your audiences engaging with your content.

We can look at whether your content is published to the right platform to deliver your objectives. We'll look at where in the sales funnel your video fits and what you want users to do after watching. The approach we take for your video SEO will take all this into account, making sure your content earns its keep.

Your videos can also be repurposed and repackaged into related blog posts, newsletter content and more, which can all form part of your video SEO strategy.

We're able to offer a total video SEO package, covering:

  • Keyword research
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Video title and metadata optimisation
  • Social media sharing
  • Link building and referrals
  • Digital content marketing
  • Tracking and analytics to assess your video SEO performance

We use industry standard tools to manage and track the success of your video SEO campaign. We won't just make a load of changes and hope for the best. By working proactively we can tweak the SEO of your videos to get them seen by your customers and convert views into sales.

If that floats your boat then call, fill in the form or DM us and we can chat. We promise not to get too nerdy.

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