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One measly post a month?
Get social media management and join the conversation.

Social media works best when it's consistent – both in tone and frequency. This can be hard to deliver when you've got everything else to deal with too.

Social Media - Management

Why you need social media management

If you want to engage your audience you need to be publishing good content on a regular basis. But when you're juggling all the rest of your marketing activity and your following is only growing in single figures, social media can seem like a low priority.

But the benefits of getting your customers engaged and using social media effectively can't be ignored, which is where we come in.

How we can help

We can offer a full in house social media management service, including:

  • Audience segmentation and channel analysis
  • Content planning, keyword and hashtag research
  • Content creation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Social listening and auditing

There's no off the shelf solution. You want chips and mash, you got it. We can work with you to develop a package that's right for you.

Just hit us up on the phone, using the contact form or DM and we'd be happy to work out what's right for you.

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