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People are talking about you behind your back.
Social listening can tell you who.

It's good to talk, but sometimes we forget to listen. The conversations that people have about your brand on social media are like a giant free focus group that will make you harder, better, faster and stronger than ever before.

Social Media - Listening

Why you need social listening

Social listening can provide insights that traditional market research never could. You can find out what people really think about your brand and products then engage your audience about the things they love, or hate, about you.

With an average of 6,000 Twitter and 700 instagram posts a second, the amount of content out there is mind boggling – but it's a massively rich data source that's ripe for the picking. Social listening can help you to put numbers on the impact of your campaigns and establish ROI, as well as giving you unique insights into how you can improve your products, customer service and market segmentation.

How we can help

With big data can come big headaches. We know the tools, techniques and timesaving tips that will get the social listening info that makes a difference. As hardened Twitter miners and Facebook foragers we can get you qualitative feedback and quantitative data that can inform your business decisions and help you to get inside the skin of your audience.

We can help you to set up and understand social monitoring tools, or perform a social listening audit so you know where you stand.

If you've got a campaign ready to go, we can work with your goals to measure performance for reporting purposes or on the fly tweaks and twiddles.

If the thought of listening in to your customer's conversations sounds like your thing (not in a creepy way) then give us a bell and we can chat.

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