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Dodge the spam folder with emails that speak to your audience. From genius subject lines that get your open rates through the roof to body content that funnels customers to right where you want them.

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Why you need email marketing

Email is the lifeblood of modern communication, but your customers hate their swollen inboxes full of naggy marketing guff. Every time you send them an email that doesn't interest them, they die a little bit inside. Push their buttons and you can get them on your site, buying your stuff.

A well-crafted email marketing campaign can give you great ROI. One that fails to excite its recipients is likely to be a waste of time. We can help you to define, plan and execute your email marketing campaigns for maximum ROI with minimal effort.

How we can help

The dark art of email marketing is more than the sum of its parts. We can help with your campaign end to end, or just chip in on the bits you need a bit of extra help with.

Audience segmentation

Identifying your audience and what makes them tick is step one. Whether it's a quick review of your mailing list info a full on customer persona exercise, or somewhere in between, we can help you work out who you're talking to.

Audience research

Deciding what's going to resonate with your audience is the next step. Pushing discounts and sale items might be right for your customers. Or maybe useful tips and reminders will be what gets that open rate up. We can work with you to develop a long term email marketing campaign or a one-off email shot that matches your business objectives in a way that appeals to your customers.

Email marketing plans

Planning what to send and when for maximum impact is next on the agenda. Tying this in to your own sales cycle, seasonal events and stuff going on in the wider world can make your email marketing more relevant and more likely to get read. Not only that, but you can blitz your email writing ahead of time, giving you the flexibility to schedule and test to make them as effective as possible.

Email marketing fulfilment

With all these steps done, creating the content is a whole lot easier. But if you'd like us to take it off your hands, we can do that too. We'll make sure that every email follows best practices and matches your business objectives and audience needs. We'll pull out the stops to boost your open rate and click-throughs, plus make sure it's all measurable so that you can see exactly what works.

Not only that – we can build templates that will make your emails dazzlingly beautiful, find you images that match your content and source and set up an email marketing tool that works for your business.

If you like the sound of that then get in touch to chat about how we can help you. Just call, DM or fill in the form and we'll get back to you.

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