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Use customer persona research to know your audience.

Your content needs to meet the needs of your audience. But do you know who they are? What they like? Customer personas can help you think like your customers and make sure your content works for them.

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Why you need customer personas

Getting your products and services in front of the right people will get you more sales. Getting your messaging right will get you more sales. Solving your customers' problems will get you more sales. Improving customer engagement with your brand – yeah, you get the picture. Customer personas can help you do all of these.

A customer persona is a document that describes a typical customer. The persona should focus on a specific demographic, with other personas covering your other audience groups. It outlines their needs, describes their likes and frustrations, and gives a bit of background to their personality and lifestyle. By using the persona(s) to test your content you can see how effectively it meets their needs, solves their problems and avoids their frustrations.

A great persona is someone you'll come to know and love. We want you to feel like they're your in house focus group, on call 24/7 to bounce ideas off. If you get a great idea for a campaign in the shower, Geoff's there to dial back the edginess. Come up with a banging email subject line in Tesco, Emmy's got your back.

How we can help

To create a great customer persona you need to know your audience inside out. If you're interacting with customers every day this can be super simple. But if your sales aren't face to face, or you have a range of customers and don't know how best to split them up, creating an accurate customer persona can be tough.

Audience research

We can support you with audience research – speaking directly to your customers or using surveying tools to build a detailed picture of who they are, what they like and what they don't. We can also work with your customer facing staff to understand the questions and problems that people come to them with. We can also use data from a range of digital tools to understand how customers are using your content and where it's letting them down. All this combined makes for customer personas that really deliver.

Persona development

Using the audience research we can put together an informed, detailed customer persona for each of your key audience groups. We'll introduce these personas to you, helping you and your team to understand their foibles and unique personality. By considering how each of these individuals will react to your content, marketing and social media posts you can make sure you're hitting the right note every time.

Give us a shout to learn more about customer personas and what we can do for you. We're on the phone, email or social – or just fill in the form on this page.

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