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Step away from the scattergun.
Get a content strategy and hit the target every time.

Content takes effort. Effort costs money. Do you know you're getting return for that investment? Well-planned, relevant content that is timely, meets the needs of your users and delivers on your business objectives is the key to ROI. Content strategy is how you get it.

Content - Strategy

Why you need content strategy

Content strategy is all about getting the maximum value from your content. If your content isn't appropriate for your audience and doesn't deliver on your business objectives you might as well not have it. If it's not useful and user-centric, no one's going to read it. And if it's not consistent then it's undermining your brand.

Getting content that's appropriate, useful, consistent means every piece will support your business and add value. A content strategy makes this happen.

How we can help

We balance strategy with creativity. We can support you through all stages of developing your content strategy, from identifying your content objectives and aligning these to your business to creating content calendars and fulfilment.

What goes in to a content strategy

We start with working out what you're trying to achieve. These organisational objectives are essential for creating content that has value to your business. Next comes audience research and persona development -- this makes content laser focused on the needs of your customers.

Once we know what you're about we can create style guides and voice and tone guidance that makes sure all your content is consistent, no matter who produces it. We can also develop a content calendar that plans out each piece of content and ties it to any key events and seasonal changes in your business. This means you can plan ahead and schedule content, avoid last-minute scrabbles and smoothing out the editorial process.

If you like what you see give us a call to find out more, or fill in the contact form or DM us and we'll get back to you.

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