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Why videos should be a part of your marketing strategy

Team Urban Noise - Monday, October 31, 2016

Video Marketing StrategyYou don’t need to produce a cinematic masterpiece to make a popular, share worthy video. Sometimes you just need an excellent product, a cheesy lead character and a dash of "unconvention". If you’ve been on YouTube for 5 minutes then you’ll be familiar with “Will It Blend?”. Blendtec, the company behind the channel, knew they had a quality product, and what better way to demonstrate it’s durability than destroying random stuff.

When Tom Dickinson, the star of “Will It Blend?”, was asked if Blendtec had profited from the videos, he said that their retail growth had increased by 800% since the channel was launched in 2006. Of course, this can’t all be attributed to YouTube fame, but there’s a good chance a sizable portion of those sales came from “Will It Blend?”. Despite the success of companies like Blendtec, there’s still a hell of a lot of companies that don’t do video marketing, and it’s usually for these three reasons:

1. There isn’t the marketing budget for it

Okay, so you’ve got the budget to write bad content (insert shameless related blog post plug here) but you’re afraid to blow it on video marketing. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a successful video; case and point, Blendtec. Don’t limit yourself to one type of content marketing. Show the financial controller this blog post and they will know what’s up.

2. Our customers / potential customers won’t watch them

If you think your customers aren’t watching videos then you’re wrong. They might be watching videos of cats getting scared by cucumbers, but if you’re a cucumber farmer then there’s a lot of scope to to hop on that trend. Even if you’re not, there’s always room to get creative with your own products and services.

3. We don’t have the production skills

Sure, this can be an issue, but like lacking budget, you don’t need production skills to produce a great video. It can help, but most people on the internet won’t be expecting the next Quentin Tarantino movie. They’re either looking for information such as tutorials or product reviews, or entertainment like comedy or gaming.

If video marketing still seems a bit daunting then drop Urban Noise a line. We know what makes people tick when it comes to video marketing and can help with audience research, campaign development, content planning, production and publication.

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