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5 reasons why no one is reading your content

Team Urban Noise - Wednesday, November 02, 2016

5 reasons why no one is reading your content Writing content is easy. We’ve all been to school, we’ve learned how to write stories, we know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, well, most of us anyway. It’s easy to create post after post after post, but what is it that makes a good piece of content? At Urban Noise, we think we’re pretty good at writing content, so here’s our top 5 reasons why no one is reading yours.

1. It sucks

Your audience doesn’t want to read another. Single. Post, about how you’re the “best [insert trade] in [insert location] ”. They want value. They want something that’s going to motivate them into taking action. If they get what they’re looking for in your content then hey, maybe they’ll contact you. Just speculating.

2) It’s not unique

Search engines hate duplicate content. Why? Because people do. Do you want to damage your chances of high search rankings by reinventing the wheel? No. Create content that will teach your audience something they didn’t find in the last 10 articles about buying a lawnmower.

3) You’re not sharing it

So you’ve posted a fresh piece of content on your website, now we sit back, relax and let the traffic roll in, right? Wrong. A good content strategy is backed up by other channels. Just because you’ve posted it doesn’t mean people are going to read it. Disseminate your content through social media and engage with influencers. You’ll be onto a winner if you do.

4) You haven’t considered your audience

You’re getting decent amounts of traffic, but have you considered who is actually reading your content? Dan, a builder from Romford, doesn’t want to read about how to build a shed. He knows how to do that. But Alex, an accountant from Croydon, has never built a shed in his life, so needs a helping hand. They’re both after timber cladding, but they both require a different content marketing approach.

5) Your website takes ages to load

According to our friends at Google, 40% of consumers will leave your site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. If your load times are longer than this then you’re missing out on almost half of your potential traffic. There’s a whole load (excuse the pun) of tools out there can can help you to improve your page speed. Google Page Speed Insights is a good starting point.

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